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November 15, 2021

Options Open: Awarded the Best Job Hiring & Recruiting Platform in Illinois

United Kingdom, 2021 – The New World Report has announced the winners of the annual Software and Technology Awards. Now in its sixth year, the Software and Technology Awards looks to acknowledge and reward the continued efforts of the pioneers and disruptors of modern technology, as well as those who have sustained excellence and exhibited long-term dedication to their commitment to the development and advancements in technology.

Options Open is honored to be awarded the Best Job Hiring and Recruiting Platform in Illinois. A huge thank you to The New World Report. We are thrilled to be included as an award recipient by this prestigious company and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the other winners.

To learn more about the winners and to gain insight into the working practices of this year’s recipients, please visit the New World Report website.

About New World Report

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About Options Open

Based in Chicago, IL, Options Open is an innovative international tech company reimagining the hiring and career journeys.

Options Open offers a space for hiring managers, recruiters, and business owners to utilize unique, video technology. Job descriptions extend beyond just text, they can feature a video with details on the open role. Candidates have the opportunity to create a custom video profile and can apply to some roles with a video if they’d like, as well as submit supporting documentation. People can network with others and get feedback on videos, share events, and so much more.

The resume is an outdated concept & Options Open is the wave of the future.