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Welcome to Options Open. So glad you are here.

In 2020, the world changed and so did our outlook of the job search, hiring, and networking processes.

We are excited to expand your experience in the near future. You can look forward to more job opportunities, brought right to you in a way unlike any other app on the market today. Our vision is to reimagine the hiring and career journey so you can get hired faster and find the right job in a company that is the perfect fit for you.

Our goal is to help you showcase your uniqueness and to forge more meaningful connections. We want to provide you the tools to achieve your career goals.

Your future is here, now. What are you waiting for? It’s your time to thrive in today’s world.



Jeff Deakins


Experienced business leader and highly skilled in every aspect of the recruiting process including revenue modeling and end-to-end workflow. Extensive history in building and scaling highly productive teams, M&A, and spin-off companies.





Technology leader with over 20 years of experience architecting and building B2B/B2C web and mobile solutions for large-scale fintech and travel companies. Holds a strong focus in strategy and product development with successful startups. Enjoys building highly collaborative teams that deliver meaningful value.



Strategic leader and accomplished Agile Coach with a well-respected history of creating strong user adoption strategies and managing cross-functional teams. Skilled in ecommerce, digital marketing, and IT strategy. Focused on providing value to customers and building a better team culture.


Seasoned marketing and communications professional with comprehensive experience in advertising, market research, and public relations strategies. Passionate about building better communities in the age of social media.





Larry Kaufman

An Author, Speaker, Business Leader, Powerful Connector, and Giver. Best Selling Author of The NCG Factor. Keynote Speaker, Global Live & Virtual/E-Speaker on Leadership, Sales, & LinkedIn. The Regional Managing Director at Jefferson Wells.


Ben Mones

The co-founder and CEO of Fama, an AI-based solution that identifies problematic behavior among potential hires and current employees by analyzing publicly available online information.